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About Project

The largest citizen science project. How has the DNA of dogs changed as dogs went from living in the wild to being part of our families? 360Design is working with a group of genetic scientists setting out to answer fundamental questions about the behavior and characteristics of man’s best friend.

Client: Darwin’s Ark

Year: 2019

Design Firm: 360 Design

Disciplines: UX/UI Website Design and Branding


The Challenge

Create a unique brand visual system, strategy and website where pet owners obtain genome sequencing kits and interact with scientists and a global pet owner community. Deliver a visual language and system that is engaging and will speak to the general public from the scientific community, encouraging dog owners to become loyal Citizen Scientists.


  • Visual language and system
  • Creative Direction, Design
  • Application architecture
  • Application UI design
  • Website design
  • Brand materials
  • Collateral material
Old Logo
New Logo

Brand modernize

Create a branding that supports the science project. They were only focused on Dogs before but now they are planning to do more projects in different animals, so now we introduce Darwin’s Ark that can contain all the animals.

Analyze User Account Experience

List out all the features and analyze user account experience to be able to architect whole user experience.

Organize User Flows

By doing this exercise, I can organize user flows and make it much simple and straight forward website architecture.

Design Website

All webpages need to be consistent with new branding that we’ve designed.

Genome Data Visualization

Design the complex genome data to make easier to understand for the audience who is not scientist.

Design Collateral material

By using the new style guide, they need new business cards, package design for genome kits, and Trailblazer booklet for the customer who participates in this project.

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