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About Project

The platform is a B2B solution that is platform and channel agnostic. It handles real-time trades in the tens of millions of dollars, exchanging shipping container loads of product round the globe.

Client: Global Dairy Trade

Year: 2019

Design Firm: 360 Design

Disciplines: UX/UI Website Design

The Challenge

To design the UX and UI for a real-time global online trading platform. It must work for people who have low or poor command of English language, across multis times zones where connections speeds can vary greatly.


  • Creative Direction, Design
  • Usability testing
  • Application UI / UX design

Unification of visual

The biggest difference between the old and new design is the unification of visual. We are providing an extensive set of visuals that makes the learning curve easier with each additional auction.

Space efficient

By simplifying top navigation and right icons for each menu will save huge real estate of the browser space. so then the user can pay attention more into the products that they are biding.

UI Design

By using colors to show different state for each tile that issues many different cases. So then the user can see what is going on easier during auction.


We also study the breakpoint to be able to design the responsive auction platform. Now the user can bid while they are away from the monitor. That means you can not miss important auction while you are on the vacation.

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